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We presented our tools to several teachers - in our own schools and from abroad. The feedback was mostly positive
The project closing meeting took place in Dublin, Ireland, in a big meeting room. This was part of our COVID-19
This week we will have the final meeting of our Erasmus project. Due to the pandemic the Swedish crew will
  The health crisis related to COVID-19 has further highlighted the important role that ICTs play in teaching-learning processes. Digital
Have a look at the developed tools at the Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje! Version in English:   Version in Spanish:
The project team has created a YouTube Channel and is currently uploading the created videos to this channel. All created
In 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.8 Billion, which translates to 48.41% of the world's population owning
Students generally have a hard time understanding a phenotypes dependency on the underlaying genotype. A dominant trait can be manifested
Due to the global outbreak of Covid19, teachers have been forced to turn to digital education. Helping students understand complex
This post describes how a teacher can use the developed tools under various circumstances. It refers to the practical implementation.
The first tool is ready! The ACAD presentation of dualism ahs been finished in English and Italian language. Currently, the
The EBI/EIE is translating the developed tools to German language. As the organisation has a native speaker for Italian, the