Project Closing Meeting

The project closing meeting took place in Dublin, Ireland, in a big meeting room.

This was part of our COVID-19 protection strategy: A big meeting room (not at the school where hundreds of non-vaccinated pupils gather), all participating partners have been vaccinated, and the sitting distance between each partner was a minimum of one meter during the meeting.

From the four organisations representatives from the European Bildungsinitiative and the Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje took part, hosted by Adamstown Community College. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Swedish partners could only attend virtually.

To transfer the meeting. EBI brought the camera equipment and established – assisted by the technical staff of the Morgan hotel, the broadcast of the complete session.

This final meeting enabled to clear all open issues to close the project properly (final activities, reports, budget issues or dissemination, and follow-up activities).

Screenshot from the meeting. Dragonskolan (left image): Anna Lodén, Hanna Uvel, Lena Lundmark; Dublin (right image): Nuria Marrero, Sylvia Mazohl, Aidan Lynch, Priscilla McKenna, Peter Mazohl






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