Reuniones del Proyecto

In the frame of the project four face-to-face meetings are planned:

Kickoff Meeting

Venue: Österreich (Wiener Neustadt)
Date: March 2019
Purpose: The project was launched. Project details were discussed and specified. A steering group was appointed. Organizational issues and communication channels were established. The first training session was planned and structured.

Intermediate Meeting

Venue: Sweden(Umeå)
Host: Dragonskolan
Date: Oktober 2019
Objective: The results of the first period were discussed and suggestions for changes and improvements to the project were made. The second training meeting was planned in detail.

Pre-final Meeting

Venue: Dublin
Host: Adamstown Comunity college (Dublin)
Date: May 2020
Aim: Evaluation of the implementation phase of the products. Final adjustments for the transferability and evaluation guide. Start for the publishing of the OERs. Preparatory work for the final report. Final decisions for the multiplier events

Final Meeting

Venue: Spain (Adeje)
Host: Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje
Date: October 2020
Aim: Project closing. Agreement to the final report. Clearing of last details for the national multiplier events. Lessons learned session. Final evaluation activities.