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Due to the global outbreak of Covid19, teachers have been forced to turn to digital education. Helping students understand complex
This post describes how a teacher can use the developed tools under various circumstances. It refers to the practical implementation.
The first tool is ready! The ACAD presentation of dualism ahs been finished in English and Italian language. Currently, the
The EBI/EIE is translating the developed tools to German language. As the organisation has a native speaker for Italian, the
  Here you have some images of the tool created with Powtoon for teaching chemical equilibrium. The “dance school” analogy
The second learning and training activity has taken place at Adamstown Community College and lasted for 4 days. It aimed
Multimedia-based content is estimated as extremely successful for the learning process. From this claim, the question arises: is multimedia a
Types of Interactivity (in teaching and learning) There are generally three different types of interactivity for teaching: interactivity between teacher
The Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje (Spain), the Europäische Bildungsinitiative (EBI) (Austria) and the Adamstown Community College (Ireland) visited the Dragonskolan
The Kickoff Meeting took place in Wiener Neustadt (the hometown of the EBI/EIE). During the meeting, the project has been
The Facebook page is ready for the project. News, activities, and relevant project results will be published there. Direct link:
The ACAT Method (Analogous Comparisan and Transfer Method) is a new pedagogical approach to strengthen female learners in STEM subjects.