Final Meeting Dublin

The final meeting took place in Dublin and was and was severely affected by the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The Swedish group did not get permission to travel, so the project group decided on a hybrid meeting. All participants were vaccinated twice. To keep the contacts of the participants as small as possible, an external room was used instead of some classroom at the school (taking into account that for pupils the option of vaccination did not exist at this time).

Nevertheless, an effective and efficient meeting, clearing all the open organizational and content-related issues, could be carried out.

The major items were:

  • Appropriate project closing (including the agreement for necessary reports).
  • Organisational issues.
  • Last amendments for the developed tools (after the evaluation of the learners’ feedback).
  • Agreements about the final dissemination strategies.
  • Budget-related issues.
  • Lessons learned analysis.

Some pictures show the challenging situation of this meeting: