Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje

Description of the school

Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje

Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje

The school Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje is located in Adeje, a small town situated in the south-west of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The school is attended by around 900 students and the school staff is about 80 teachers. The school counts on the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Teachers work with students from nursery school (4 months) all the way to 2nd Bachillerato. The latter is the last year before students go to University.

As the school is located in a touristic area our students come from 45 different countries. This fact produces an international working environment. In addition, the organization puts a strong point in teaching languages. There are taught Spanish, English and German at all educational levels. Moreover the teaching goal is achieving high quality in education for all our students creating a disciplined, demanding and friendly atmosphere. Our main aims are to strive for excellence in education and effort.

Special expertise, skills, competences

The teachers involved in the project come from the science and language fields: chemistry, physics and philosophy. They have attended several e-learning courses in order to improve their digital skills and have developed materials to use with their students.

Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje – the entrance to the school

In 2018 the “Google for Education” project began its development at school. Since then all the teachers have been instructed in managing different e-learning methods. Moreover most of the teachers are developing e-learning materials to use with their students. They have also experience in working in international teams, since twelve years ago a Comenius project was developed cooperating with all teams involved in order to achieve their objectives successfully. Furthermore they are defining, implementing and evaluating quality criteria focused on learners needs. As the school received the ISO 9001 all school staff is also involved in quality working processes.