Feedback to the developed tools

We presented our tools to several teachers – in our own schools and from abroad. The feedback was mostly positive and encouraging. Here is a selection of answers:

Structured explanation
The complex process showed very well!
Non-verbal and well shown. Suitable for any form of teaching.
Very good and independent representation of inheritance.
Very good graphical representation with explanation!
Well shown what it’s about.
The orbitals are explained very well non-verbally.
Very good explanation, non-verbal and understandable at all times.
Very well suited for getting started with the topic as well as for distance learning (or flipped learning).
Explained a complex term in a clear and understandable way.
Very nice visualization of the chemical equilibrium.
The text overlays at the beginning are faded in too briefly, so you have to drive back the video several times to see the content.
The texts need more time. It’s going in a hurry.
Very good visualization of the mole topic.
Very useful learning unit.

This feedback may encourage other teachers to create their own multimedia-based learning tools, using the ACAT method. If you have questions, you may contact the team!

Contact: info [at]

Two cows give twice as much milk as one cow.

This is a screenshot from the application “Functions”


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