ACAT Tools

Science teaching combined with the use of multimedia tools enables a high level of learning outcomes.

This toolkit is a learning – training – teaching material focusing on teaching science.

It is a set of approx. 15 individual multimedia based and interactive software tools which are used by students either during lessons (as a kind of virtual lab) or at home to learn difficult/complex scientific content.
These tools or learning packages use the ACAT method which enables students an easier understanding due to the Analogous Comparison and Transfer Method. Each tool focuses on a specific scientific background or phenomenon. Examples (from physics) are “What is dualism?”, “How do quantum objects behave?”, “Analog and quantum behavior”.

Added value of the project and the developed tools

  • The tools are practically tested and evaluated examples of a new approach to strengthen the students’ understanding of complex science relations and therefore can be transferred
    to new developed similar tools covering other science items
  • The ACAT method can be used as a teaching principle in other fields of education, for example in Adult Education
  • The developed tools also teach digital competences and experiences and use the e-Xcellence benchmark framework as well as the DigComp 2.0 framework and therefore can be used as high-quality means for teaching also in other educational sectors.