The ACAT Method

Example for the ACAT Method (Quantum Phisics). This will be the first ready-to-use tool from the project.

The ACAT Method (Analogous Comparisan and Transfer Method) is a new pedagogical approach to strengthen female learners in STEM subjects. The method was developed in School Education and focuses on the age of 16 to 18 years old students. The method uses analogous comparisons by taking examples or situations from everyday life and in consequence the logical or analogous transfer to the scientific problem.

The method uses the development of imaginations or “pictures in the head” to develop a view of the analogy; this picture is transferred as a problem-solving idea to the concrete scientific problem. Multimedia material like animations are used to provide a higher level of imagination and to develop the understanding for the discussed problem. The method was developed in the subjects physics, mathematics and computer science and was tested in physics at high school level. This approach was found useful by male learners as well.

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