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Learning – Teaching – Training in Adamstown (Dublin/Ireland)

The second learning and training activity has taken place at Adamstown Community College and lasted for 4 days. It aimed to care for the homogeneous background and a homogeneous development of the learning and teaching tools.

The major issues were the presentation of the developed learning tools, followed by discussion and practical examples of technical solutions and finally amandment proposals. The results cover a wide range of possible approaches and used cartoons, animations, 2D animation, videos, and other similar technical approaches.

The foreseen activities cared for equal-levelled developed tools implementing the ACAT method (as far as possible). These training activities conveyed the necessary skills to all partners and brought their producting capacity to the same level, so all partners can use the produced material in their teaching. As a consequence, the training cared for the necessary competences that all developing teachers can meet the expectations and results as mentioned in the Intellectual Output descriptions.

The training was on one hand based on some presentations, at the other hand on groupwork and peer learning. During the training solutions for translation, the use of graphical tools, the creation of soundfiles, technical background of video production, the use of timelines or the technical process of exchanging an audio track were developed, discussed and practiced.

Here is an image album showing the working situation in the group.

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